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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why is it?

Why is it when I remember your touch I weep like a small child?
Why is it when I recall al the times we spent together I cry?
Why does your image haunt me?
Why do your words linger in my brain?
Why do your eyes look into mine as I close mine when I sleep?
Why does your chest heave as I lay mine on my pillow?
I can’t help but wonder if you think about me?
If you think about all the time spent with me?
If you think about all the words that you said to me
If you know what you did when you rejected me!
How much it hurts to be alone in this world
How much it hurts to think of you now that you are away
It hurts even more than when I was not here
It breaks my heart to think that you never loved me
It tears me from the inside that you will never feel
The way I did when you held me.
It kills me, and I can’t take it anymore
It hurts me so
To think of you now
To think of all the times that might be
To dream about all what could have been
But will never happen now that we are alone
Know that I will always love you
And that there is no one in the world for me but you.
And I hope you realize that
In time we are for each other,
And you will get the guts to tell me
That we belong together.

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