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Saturday, November 12, 2011


All I have is memories
Memories that linger
Memories that sting
Memories that hurt
Memories that make me sing.
Memories about you
Memories about me
Memories about how we came to be.
Memories about our days
Memories about our nights
Memories that will stay engraved deep in our minds.
Memories that tell you
That I was the one for you
Memories that tell me
What I did was a wrong thing.
Memories that remind me
Memories that quench me
Memories that never cease to let go of me.
Memories are all I have left
Memories are all I have to keep me company.
Memories of you and me
When you decided it was time to hold me
When it was time you decided to tell me
Memories about you and me
That will never be forgotten
In my heart always will be written
The memories that you and me shared
The memories that I never dared
To look back upon
Because they will make me cry
Memories of your hugs
Memories of your touch
Memories of everything about you
That are so bent on completing me.
Memories that will never let go
Memories that hopefully when the time comes you will know
That what you list was true
And that I will forever and always love you.

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