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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Now and Again

Now and again you said that you were going to stay by my side
Now and again you lied.
Now and again you promised you will not hurt me
Now and again your words stung me.
Now and again I tried to fix it
Now and again I found out you broke it.
Now and again I tried my best
Now and again I felt like I failed a test.
Now and again I felt you did not love me
Now and again we broke up because you did not fight for me.
Now and again I sent you a letter
Now and again, the only words I got back are ‘I hope you get better’.
Now and again I tried taking you out of my mind
Now and again you seemed to stay stuck by my side.
Now and again I promised I will not let you go.
But now and again you did not give us a chance to grow.
So I decided  to do
What I thought is best for you
I saw that the only way that you might be happy
If you are actually free of me
And it is when I am not with you
Even though I will always and forever still love you.

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