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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Waves of Passion

Chelsea could not take her eyes off him as he walked by in the cafeteria. Her best friend from school sat next to her and smirked as she pinched Chelsea to make her snap out from her trance. “Are you still drooling over Justin? You have been doing that for the past year, at least go talk to him.” Summer lowered her eyes, and then looked at her friend. “I can’t, every time I get near him I feel like I’m going to hurl. Once I accidentally bumped into him while walking to class and I started stuttering like an idiot. At that time I think that he thought I was insane.” And she laughed slightly at the memory. It was funny now, but back then it was the most humiliating thing that Chelsea had to go through.
Chelsea is a Philosophy Graduate with a minor in Literature. She fell in love with Literature when one of her philosophy professors asked the students to make a report on the books of an author of their choice. Chelsea was strewn between two of her favorite authors, but when she decided that she wanted to write a report on Jackson Stewart, a romance novelist, the next day he was announced dead. The reasons of his death were impervious to the public, so she had to retort to Maven Strong, a known detective novelist. Chelsea sent him an email explaining her reasons why she wanted to speak to him. Several days later she received an email from his agency stating that he will be able to meet with her for fifteen minutes on the 3rd of August. Chelsea thought to herself that fifteen minutes were not going to really do the trick in getting the information she needed for her report. Of course she could still use the internet, as most of her classmates were doing, but she like being practical. She wanted to see the true Maven Strong, she wanted to hear his voice, so when she started reading his novels she could imagine his voice uttering out the words that were printed on the pages of the book.
Chelsea did not give detective writing the time of day, she thought it was too jumbled up together. She had a detective course once in college where the students had to read some Sherlock Holmes stories, and she despised them. She could not wrap her head around how did Sherlock manage to capture the bad guy? How was he trained? How could a drug addict and crazy person be able to solve these crimes? Watson held a better character to her than the lead of the story did. And she antagonized the teacher all throughout the course. But eventually, the professor could not fail her because her paper was impeccable she managed though to give her a B+ only. This made Chelsea mad, but she did not care. It was not as if she wanted to go into a writing career of her own. She hated writing with extreme detail as to how the crime scene looked, and how the detective noticed what trained eyes overlooked. It was just too surreal for her.


Saturday, November 12, 2011


All I have is memories
Memories that linger
Memories that sting
Memories that hurt
Memories that make me sing.
Memories about you
Memories about me
Memories about how we came to be.
Memories about our days
Memories about our nights
Memories that will stay engraved deep in our minds.
Memories that tell you
That I was the one for you
Memories that tell me
What I did was a wrong thing.
Memories that remind me
Memories that quench me
Memories that never cease to let go of me.
Memories are all I have left
Memories are all I have to keep me company.
Memories of you and me
When you decided it was time to hold me
When it was time you decided to tell me
Memories about you and me
That will never be forgotten
In my heart always will be written
The memories that you and me shared
The memories that I never dared
To look back upon
Because they will make me cry
Memories of your hugs
Memories of your touch
Memories of everything about you
That are so bent on completing me.
Memories that will never let go
Memories that hopefully when the time comes you will know
That what you list was true
And that I will forever and always love you.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Now and Again

Now and again you said that you were going to stay by my side
Now and again you lied.
Now and again you promised you will not hurt me
Now and again your words stung me.
Now and again I tried to fix it
Now and again I found out you broke it.
Now and again I tried my best
Now and again I felt like I failed a test.
Now and again I felt you did not love me
Now and again we broke up because you did not fight for me.
Now and again I sent you a letter
Now and again, the only words I got back are ‘I hope you get better’.
Now and again I tried taking you out of my mind
Now and again you seemed to stay stuck by my side.
Now and again I promised I will not let you go.
But now and again you did not give us a chance to grow.
So I decided  to do
What I thought is best for you
I saw that the only way that you might be happy
If you are actually free of me
And it is when I am not with you
Even though I will always and forever still love you.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why is it?

Why is it when I remember your touch I weep like a small child?
Why is it when I recall al the times we spent together I cry?
Why does your image haunt me?
Why do your words linger in my brain?
Why do your eyes look into mine as I close mine when I sleep?
Why does your chest heave as I lay mine on my pillow?
I can’t help but wonder if you think about me?
If you think about all the time spent with me?
If you think about all the words that you said to me
If you know what you did when you rejected me!
How much it hurts to be alone in this world
How much it hurts to think of you now that you are away
It hurts even more than when I was not here
It breaks my heart to think that you never loved me
It tears me from the inside that you will never feel
The way I did when you held me.
It kills me, and I can’t take it anymore
It hurts me so
To think of you now
To think of all the times that might be
To dream about all what could have been
But will never happen now that we are alone
Know that I will always love you
And that there is no one in the world for me but you.
And I hope you realize that
In time we are for each other,
And you will get the guts to tell me
That we belong together.