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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What someone will do and will not do?!

People may tell us about the things that we are allowed to do and the things that we musn't do. We are adults, so we now think for ourselves, but when we were children our parents, treachers, or guardians used to see over every step we make and judje us accordingly.
As University students, we tend to think more than once about the next step we are going to take, and think about the consequences upfront, pondering about the mishaps that may occur if one could go wrong in formalizing out a plan.
But to what extent do we keep on thinking that we will or will not, or rather we should or should not.
people from as long as their histories were jotted down, had some laws against the good and bad; rating the good as being shwon in deeds that would help others not only selfish gains, and rating the bad deeds as being those which cause harm to the society.
This type of transgression developped form several years ago to several thoughts and movements trying to prove that these theories, that the old genrations came up with were not that effective, and tha the new theories were more to occupy the nation with.
As the world, and technology advances, so does the harm and the ideas of hurting other people evolve. For instance, terrorism whether it was political, from big countries onto small ones, or whether it was on an individual basis from a bully onto a weaker one, all these would retaliate to the violence of the global.
This violence is clearly explained in the Baudrillard article titled "The Violence of the Global.
In this article Baudrillard says that not only "The passage from the universal to the global has given rise to a constant homogenization, but also to an endless fragmentation." which in a way says that globalization which most of the people see that it is a new step forward to the opening oif the poeple onto one another is infact totally different since the latrger countries are seeing this an opportunity to take control over the weak largely populated cities. This Fragmentation is mainly done on the bases of the society to begin with, ending with the fragmeting of a person's mentality and family, making her one to follow the system uncinditionally.
I still keep you with the question about whether a person thinks about what she should do next, or not do anything at all considering the state it will leave other people?
And will this slip of conscience make the cold-hearted think twice before acting? Or will they just see it as a type of modern way to evolve?

Plus is there a modern world in the presence of globalization or the presence of globalization makes us wonder "whether universalization has not already been destroyed by its own critical mass. It also makes us wonder whether universality and modernity ever existed outside of some official discourses or some popular moral sentiments."(Baudrillard)

This article by Baudrillard explains briefly the way that after globalization the universal values start to lose their legitimacy, and things will in fact become more radical. In a sense that people will look above what is in their faces, and try to think about what they should do, and what they should not do!

And the question Baudrillard and me will leave you is: "have we reached the point of no return?"


Paul Jahshan said...

Fine! I see you're keeping ahead and enjoying the readings!

Marina Mansour said...

Yup it's a real enjoyable course and has very interesting topics to read.