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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What are parasites, and do they need to be feared?

Serres, in his book called "The Parasite", he states that " the parasite is the primordial, one-way, and irreversible relation that is the base of human institutions, and disciplines", in another page, he states that "A parasite who has the last word, who produces disorder and who generates a diffrent order" is considered to be a parasite.
Serres in this book tries to identify the real parasite that is ruining our social, and economical culture, and even though he does not focus on these specific terms, Serres tries to identify the real problem behind the parasite's overrule.
"Man is a louse for other men. Thus, man is a host for other men."
As I took it, people are like parasites, they do not know when to stop at something, or at a deffinite point, they tend to keep on going like they are the only living things on this planet. Parasites, to me and unlike what Serres said in the beginning, they tend to have an inhuman quality, thus they become more like pests or insects, which seek out the good in the land, and rummage it out until it becomes no good for anyone, even for the following pests.
Serres states that "they are quite simply predators" in a way there he is right since destroying what one gets ones hands on is making the word predator seem a bit futile in the face of the real disorder that is happening.
Serres states also, "that there is no parasitic mammal", and that "Abuse appears before use." The latter statement is somewhat true considering the treatment of people in the big cities, where workers are treated as garbage, and like insects, where in fact the employers are supposed to be the parasites, and not the workers.

In this book an intreguing sentence caught my eye "What started out looking like a play on words, is now compact and coherent." But I thought about it, and somehow nothing coherent came out, or what was the coherencey, if I may say,was in it?
Serres continues on saying that " The word and the history are only paper. But the experience, especially the experience of suffering."
If I may state that, this Experience of suffering makes people open up their eyes onto the reality of this world, and onto the inhumane things done all over the world. People see themselves after suffering,that they were also the ones who were acting as parasites, thus making this experience much more unbearable.
In addition, Serres states that "Men whom I call parasites, are never, as far as we know, inside another animal" and that, " the depopulation of the prey is immediate, brutal, and explosive" plus Serres continues on saying that "We parasite each other, and live amidst parasites."
To these three statements I can say that, Serres had a point to prove, and even though he started out by saying there are no mammal parasites; if we take a look at humanity we can see that the infectious parasites are taking over our minds in ways no person may imagine, whether it was in politics, or in society, people are being infected by one another into becoming inhuman pests known only to be trampled upon.

So the question that Serres asked is " Who then is the REAL interrupter?"... And "...Such a parasite is responsible for the growth of the system's complexity, such a parasite stops it."
All i can say in the end is that, a low life groveling insect may be a paprasite in people's eyes, but to me a parasite is a harmful being that permits its own society to be rampaged on, and never look back on the consequences that may have beheld the "cirlce of their own life" if I may call it that.
A parasite is an annoying creature, whether it is a pest 'literally', or just the metaphor of it.

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